NEW SAT Verbal, Writing, and Math
Is your child sufficiently prepared for the SATs? Does your child need to raise his/her SAT scores? These classes are designed to help students with college entrance exams. SAT classes focus on the three main subjects tested on Reading, Writing, and Math. We also offer advice on college choices and assist with the application process.

We offer special tutoring for SAT II subject tests that are also required for college application. Subjects include Mathematics Level 1, Mathematics Level 2, Chemistry, Literature, and Physics.

AP Classes
We offer extra help in AP courses in high school. Subjects include Calculus A/B, Calculus B/C, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Literature, English and Composition. 

Essay Writing
We revise and assist in writing college essays required for the application process. We also assist in those who lack essential essay writing skills for school. 

Math and Reading/ Writing (Grades 4th-6th)
Elementary school level math and English classes aim at building a strong foundation in the “basics,” consisting of: arithmetic and problem-solving skills for math; grammar, reading comprehension, and beginning composition skills for English. We also begin to develop self confidence and help nurture the foundations of good study habits.
7th Grade Math and Reading/Writing
Math I and Reading/Writing (8th/9th grade level)
Math II and Reading/Writing (9th/10th grade level)
Math III and Reading/Writing (10th/11th grade level)
Junior high and high school classes attempt to advance students in their growing knowledge of math and English skills. Prestige Academy sets up a curriculum similar to the curriculum in the students’ own schools. In the setting of small group classes, we strive to not only master but supercede students’ growth and depth of knowledge in all areas of math and English. We promote good study habits and initiate the disciplines students need to advance them to higher education.

Private Tutoring
Is your child an “A” student? Or perhaps your child is struggling to reach that goal? No matter their individual level, Prestige Academy can either challenge advanced students or motivate those that are overwhelmed. We aid by providing private tutoring, consisting of one-on-one sessions geared to fit your child’s individual needs. Private sessions can range from simple homework assistance to test preparation. Supplemental to your child’s current classes, we can help lead the way to a better education and a better future. Subjects available for private sessions include:
  • Any level of math
  • Math I
  • Math II
  • Math III
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing
  • SAT Preparation (I & II)
  • AP Test Preparation