Building Blocks

Why does my child need this program?

    Your child should be the best he or she can possibly be; there are many things that can limit your child’s full potential. For children already excelling in school, we want to provide opportunities for your child (that are not accessible elsewhere) to go above and beyond what he or she is given at the core curriculum level. From our experience, being one step ahead always puts your child at an advantage in his or her academic career.
    For those who are struggling, we found that the problem is not their incapability—but their foundational and conceptual weaknesses. As you may have already been aware, education follows a building block structure, which the previous concepts learned in elementary and middle school builds onto the harder concepts learned in high school and college. If we can strengthen and solidify these foundational concepts, your child will be prepared and ready to face the difficult subjects. We believe that both types of students need opportunities to excel in the capitalistic and competitive society we live in today.
    In elementary school, everyone learns subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division. Without mastering these basic sets of skills, a student cannot conquer the next level of math (Pre-algebra, Algebra, Algebra II). From there, the math only gets more difficult (Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics). As you can see, a student needs a strong foundation to build upon the harder concepts learned later on in school. We can pinpoint the exact building block that was misplaced.
Critical Reading/Writing
    We have noticed that the main difference in children who excel in English and those who don’t are the ones who have read consistently and the ones who didn’t. In elementary school, it is vital that children read because they need analytical skills to understand the content of a novel or an article (a requirement for all college students). We realize that it is difficult to focus with so many distractions at home. At Prestige Academy, we can provide not only a studious environment, but also the help and guidance of our most qualified tutors. Getting into the habit of reading novels and academic articles will significantly expand a student’s vocabulary (through context clues) and strengthen his or her writing ability (through consistently being exposed to good writing). In grammar, we need to solidify the basic concepts of a noun, verb, adjective, predicate, subject, and adverb. Without grounded knowledge in the basic parts of speech in a sentence, it is extremely difficult for students to identify grammatical errors (subject verb disagreement, pronoun antecedent disagreement, parallelism, etc) and write well.